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We've seen the future, and the future is amazing

In November, Badon Hill Group had the opportunity to attend and film Investor Sharks Northwest. Investor Sharks Northwest is a live event, where four different startups pitched four angel investors, in a format similar to the TV show Shark Tank. Also, a fifth group comprised of students from the Lake Washington School District won a competition to pitch the investors. The founders of Extentek won the Lake Washington School District competition.

There is a story behind the story. Badon Hill Group interviewed each startup both before and after they presented. All of the interviews were unscripted, and the business leaders did not have the questions beforehand. Each group had approximately five minutes in front of the cameras.

For the executive team of Extentek, there were additional challenges. We were shooting in a basement dressing room with a low ceiling and just seven feet of black background. These limitations required the executive team to squeeze together, with the oldest kneeling to even out their height.

We've shot video professionally for a decade, working with the public to the c-suite of the Fortune 100. Watch the video for yourself because a picture truly is worth a thousand words.


We've seen the future that is coming as Generation Z comes of age. If the executive team at Extentek represents the future of business leadership, the future is very bright.

The mission of Extentek is, "To improve the personal independence and quality of life of people who are blind or visually impaired all over the world." Their first product is Galina, which is a contactless material level indicator that helps the blind and visually impaired pour any substance into any container without over-pouring. They are accepting pre-orders at $13.99, and you can visit their website at to learn more. You can learn more about the executive team of Extentek and their story by visiting their About page.
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