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New Resident Training

New Resident Training | Harborview


Harborview Medical Center is the only level 1 trauma center in the Pacific Northwest, serving critically injured patients from as far away as Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. Part of the University of Washington School of Medicine, Harborview is also a teaching hospital where residents refine their skills in a chosen specialty.


Educators were spending excessive amounts of time on first-day orientation, covering repeatable information with new residents. The facility wanted to streamline this process, and have residents serving patients faster in a way that is compliant with Harborview policies and procedures.


After listening to the challenges the institution faced and considering the target audience, we created a series of videos that new residents are now required to watch as part of their onboarding experience. These videos have garnered positive feedback from residents and educators alike and have reduced the repetitive questions new residents ask.


Additionally, the content had an unexpected impact on risk mitigation. The videos have been used during discovery in legal matters, providing evidence that there are clear, documented processes and protocols taught from day one with a focus on providing the best care for patients.

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