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about our agency

where we come from

Badon Hill Group, LLC is a team of peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We come from three different continents, span two generations, and a wide range of careers. We are a team of equals, not obsessed with job titles and roles.

Founded in 2016, Badon Hill Group has quietly grown into an award-winning marketing agency.

our culture

Some marketing professionals believe they must always be right. Even with the tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs, they cling to, "we always have done it this way," and, "I know who our customers are." Ego gets in the way of creativity, collaboration, and doing the right thing. At Badon Hill Group, ego has no place at the table. The best marketing ideas come from collaboration, ideation, and treating everyone with a voice at the table as an equal.


Our employees.


Our contractors.


Our clients. 

What may seem outrageous in an initial strategy meeting can become the plan of record with further refinement. The best ideas will always bubble up to the top in an environment where employees feel empowered, valued, and safe to express themselves.

At Badon Hill Group, we don't treat sprints as endless marathons. There are no rewards for the most lunches skipped, being the first person online, or the last person to bed. Have we delighted our clients? Have we lived up to our values? Have we maximized your marketing dollars and performed as a trusted advisor? That is how we measure success.

Our backing

Badon Hill Group is self-funded and backed by a line of credit through Goldman Sachs. We remain financially stable during the ongoing COVID-19 safe opening plans and we are listed on Dun & Bradstreet, D-U-N-S: 11-737-4352.


Badon Hill Group is always looking for talented individuals to enhance our team. Our offices are located in Kirkland, Washington, and we support a distributed workforce model. Don't see an opening for your specific skills? E-mail us your resume, and a link to your portfolio, and we'll keep your application on file.

Are you looking for contract or project work? We work with contractors and the cool kids living the gig economy dream. You can e-mail us your information, and if we have a need, we'll reach out to you.

join our team

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