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Video and Webinar Production in the COVID-19 Era

The era of COVID-19 has changed how companies engage with their employees and clients. No one knows when social distancing will end, and if we will return to the old normal. For now, the new routine dictates social distancing for the foreseeable future. Today, many businesses are looking at webinars and videos as a solution for training, client, and employee engagement as they look to open their doors again.

The new normal has lowered the quality bar for video production, and the process has become more democratized. Cellphones have replaced cinema cameras, webinars have replaced studios, and some are even trying their hand at simple motion graphics. However, as social distancing guidelines are likely to remain in place for months, if not longer, the need to expand video production and create stand out content within budget will only grow.

Many marketing agencies and production houses are pivoting to this new normal. Technology providers like Blackmagic have raced systems to market to support remote and streaming video production, many production companies are taking crash courses in OBS, and finding quality webcams is as challenging as finding toilet paper. When considering external support for your video needs, you should look for an agency that already has experience in remote production.

Ten Questions to Ask your Remote Video or Webinar Agency

  1. Can you provide hardware for our remote video production, such as quality webcams and microphones, and do you have procedures in place for the installation, testing, and proper sterilization?

  2. Do you offer H.323 compliant video production, and can you support H.323 hardware?

  3. Can you provide video intros, lower thirds graphics for speakers, and streaming content within a live webinar?

  4. Do you have experience in the post-production of webinars, and can you provide examples and references?

  5. Are you capable of recording each presenter on a webinar as a discrete stream?

  6. Can you upscale low-resolution videos such as 360P to 720P for better playback on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video services?

  7. Do you provide design services for internal and external communications, PowerPoint decks, and promotional materials?

  8. Do you have experience producing webinars?

  9. Do you have experience creating training materials and programs, and can you provide references?

  10. Can you provide hosting solutions for webinars?

When considering an agency to support remote video production and webinars, you want an agency that can say, "yes," to all ten questions. Working with a one-stop-shop that can take on your technical, production, and marketing needs creates a single point of contact, reducing complexity.

COVID-19 has cut revenues creating budget constraints for many businesses, creating cost concerns. Part of the new normal for marketing agencies is adapting to the times, and remote video production costs less than a studio production. Pricing you receive should reflect these reduced costs. To provide further savings, a flexible agency will provide you with guidelines for self-production, and take your created content and polish it for distribution.

Badon Hill Group has experience in creating training programs, remote video production, running webinars, post-production of webinars, and building marketing content. We provide turnkey solutions for enterprises large and small with H.323 compliant video solutions. We offer webinar hosting solutions, including moderators. We know how to promote internal and external content and track success. Our agency can provide you with an end-to-end solution.

COVID-19 may have created a new normal, but that doesn't have to deter you from effectively communicating with audiences. The right partner can show you the way to develop outstanding materials safely, quickly, and will apply startup principles to keep costs in check. Together, we will get through this and embrace the new normal.

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