David Obelcz

A customer-obsessed servitude leader of product management, product marketing, and marketing.

About Me

I am a passionate product management and product marketing leader with exceptional organizational skills. A master of execution, I have brought over 25 products and services to market as a product manager and product marketer including professional services, B2C, B2B, SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and on-premises software. I built my own company and led it through acquisition, served as a product marketing leader at two tech startups, managed teams, and contributed to the success of several prestigious tech companies. How can I help you be successful?




Professional Strengths

Intellectually curious



Technology & Tools

process & management


creative & marketing


What People Say

David excels in asking the tough questions until he gets what he needs to produce materials. He goes about this in a very thorough way and adapts his process depending on the individual. David is a kind, trustworthy and motivating colleague. I highly recommend David and believe his advanced skill set and energy are a great addition to any workplace.

- Jeanna Wilkes, VP of Product



Caltech Pasadena

School of Industrial Relations

Quinsigamond College

Business Administration

Pragmatic Marketing

Level III Certification


AWS Certification





Three unique traits I offer:

  1. I have demonstrated the ability to rapidly develop a deep understanding of new domains, technologies, horizontals, and verticals

  2. I'm not averse to rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty, I don't get lost in the weeds, and I never expect anything from my team that I wouldn't do myself

  3. I never stop asking what the targeted business outcomes are, what are the customer needs and are we doing the right things to connect the two


Contact Me & Social

Kirkland, WA 98033

dobelcz@comcast.net C: 206-669-1316

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