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important covid-19 update

Big business marketing for everyone

Badon Hill - \'bad-ôn\ \'hil\

Badon Hill Group is an award-winning marketing agency that focuses on marketing strategy and content creation. We specialize in identifying the right audience, creating stories that build emotional connections, and crafting content that earns trust.


Audience Targeting | Go-To-Market | Digital Marketing | Video Production

Badon Hill Group gets its name from Mons Badonicus in the UK, where the Britons defeated the Saxons, creating the long peace and the age of Camelot.

Let's climb a hill. Together.

What Badon Hill Group does

COvid-19 update

Badon Hill Group is ready to help you embrace the new normal. We can provide H.323 compliant remote video production, video editing of your in-house content, webinars, and virtual events.


Let's get started.


Why Badon Hill Group is unique

Our core operating principles are what differentiates Badon Hill Group from other marketing agencies and video production houses.​

  • Non nocere - we put every project under a marketing microscope to validate our shared vision will achieve your goals

  • Callidus - we adhere to startup principles - be scrappy, be scalable, do more with less, and have fun

  • Dominium - Leverage domain experts to deliver the best solution possible

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We look forward to standing on the summit with you.

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