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covid-19 update

Because of COVID-19, building authentic and emotional connections with your audience has never been more critical. Businesses need to find a way to stay top of mind with their employees, prospects, and clients in a budget-friendly way. Badon Hill Group has embraced the new normal.

We have been on the leading edge of remote video production, streaming technology, and webinar management before social distancing was in our lexicon. Badon Hill Group has years of experience in streaming services with the software, hardware, and team in place to bring your vision to life.


For forward-thinking companies embracing the new normal, we offer:

  • End-to-end webinar project management

  • H.323 compliant remote video-production

  • On-site video production for essential businesses with MRO approved procedures

  • Video editing for your in-house development content

  • Recorded demos and product walk-throughs

  • Training videos and programs

  • Virtual events


Let's climb a hill.



example of our work

A journey starts with a single step.

We would like to know about you, and the hill you need to climb.

We look forward to standing on the summit with you.
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