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Badon Hill Group is a Puget Sound based marketing agency that believes big business marketing should be available to everyone.

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Do you want free marketing? Of course, you do!

Everyone starts small. One day we are going to be big. To help us grow, we've got an offer for Puget Sound area businesses.

We are going to provide a free commercial video production package to a company within 75 miles of our headquarters.


This package is worth up to $4000 and includes - everything.


When we reach 1,000 new contacts to our mailing list, 1,000 new Facebook Likes, and 1,000 new YouTube Subscribers, we'll pick a winner.


It's that simple.

Some restrictions apply, and our lawyers said we had to have clear terms and conditions. When you submit your contact information to the mailing list, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Step 2

We made it easy to like our Facebook page. Simply click the Like button on the mini Facebook page and then go to Step 3.


Step 3

The last step. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you're all set. You must still be opted-in to our newsletter, a follower of our Facebook page, and a subscriber of our YouTube channel when we do the drawing.

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What is the giveaway

This free video production offer is for new commercial clients only (no consumer production). This package includes everything to create your video:

  • One (1) hour of pre-shoot consultation to discuss your target audience, goals, messaging, call-to-action, and scout your location

  • One (1) hour for storyboard review

  • Up to eight (8) hours of single location production at your place of business, no more than 75 miles away from our offices, including two (2) hours for setup and break down, up to three (3) hours of production, and up to three (3) hours of b-roll

  • 4K video production using Nikon, Sony, and/or Canon camera(s).

  • Lighting as the project requires

  • Up to two (2) lavalier wireless microphones

  • Up to ten (10) hours of post-production work with 2 edit sessions

  • Up to three (3) hours of motion graphics design

  • One video, up to 90 seconds in length, in 4K MP4, distribution ready

  • Simple motion graphics intro using your existing business logo

  • Lower-third graphic for the name and title of up to four (4) people

  • Text overlay graphic for your call-to-action or outro

  • Intro and background music with licensing from our library

  • Up to three (3) sound effects from our library

  • Up to six (6) stock video clips from our library with licensing

  • Transcript of your raw video shoot

  • Storage of your raw video assets for three years

When you work with Badon Hill Group, you can rest easy knowing that everything we do follows our business principles:

  • Do no harm - we will only create content that helps you achieve your business goals

  • Be brilliant - do more with less, be crafty in your marketing, and have fun

  • Have domain expertise - Badon Hill Group specializes in marketing and video production

If you want add-on services such as an Instagram ready version, captioning, or advanced motion graphics, we can discuss your needs.

Additional fees may apply. For more information see below.


Our lawyer told us we had to put these terms and conditions here.

This special offer is for new clients who have registered with a valid first and last name, company name, and e-mail address, opted-in to our mailing list, liked our Facebook page, Badon Hill Group, and subscribed to our YouTube channel, Badon Hill Group. BADON HILL GROUP will pick one (1) winner thirty (30) days after the 1,000 registered and opted-in mailing list subscribers, 1,000 Facebook Likes, and 1,000 YouTube Subscribers requirement is met.

This offer is for businesses or registered 501(c)(3) non-profits only. Business must be located within seventy-five (75) road miles from our offices at 10908 101st Place NE, Kirkland, Washington 98033 using Google Maps. Businesses located more than twenty-five (25) road miles from our offices at 10908 101st Place NE, Kirkland, Washington 98033 using Google Maps, will be charged travel time at $50 per hour, minimum one hour. Bridge and tunnel tolls, roundtrip ferry fares, and parking will be billed to the CLIENT. A fee of $50 will be added for moving equipment more than one-thousand (1,000) feet from the required parking location or for climbing more than three (3) flights of stairs. Any government-related permits or fees for production will be billed to the CLIENT. Additional services such as but not limited to closed-captioning, video in Instagram ready format, additional motion graphics, and or logo design, are at an additional fee at BADON HILL GROUP standard rates.

The CLIENT agrees to sign a PROPERTY RELEASE, providing BADON HILL GROUP with a grant of permission to videotape on-premises. The CLIENT agrees that any persons appearing in the video must sign a TALENT RELEASE, providing BADON HILL GROUP with a grant of permission to use their likeness in final production. The CLIENT understands and agrees to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). No child under thirteen-years (13) of age can be recorded or included in final production without a signed TALENT RELEASE by both parents or the appointed legal guardian or guardians of the minor child.

The CLIENT is responsible for providing a safe, climate-controlled environment that provides adequate production space, 120VAC electrical power that is up to code, protects staff and equipment from the elements, and has access to sanitary facilities during production. The CLIENT can elect to do the production in-studio for an added fee at BADON HILL GROUP standard rates. BADON HILL GROUP reserves the right to suspend production for unsafe conditions, conduct, or risk, perceived or real, to staff or equipment.

BADON HILL GROUP reserves the right to refuse to do video production for any reason. BADON HILL GROUP will not produce content this is pornographic, violent, threatening, harassing, racist, misogynist, is hate speech, incites a riot or civil disobedience, advocates for illegal activity, makes obvious false claims, makes death threats, makes unproven or unsupported medical promises, and or is political in nature. The CLIENT agrees that the video and all related content cannot be used for broadcast television, including but not limited to terrestrial, cable, linear, time-shifted, video-on-demand, or over-the-top services such as Hulu without the express written permission from BADON HILL GROUP.

BADON HILL GROUP cannot be held liable for any loss, real or perceived to business including but not limited to damage, lost revenue, accident, or death. Additional restrictions may apply. Contact BADON HILL GROUP at for additional information.

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